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I love writing on Quora. People ask interesting questions, and then I get to act like the expert of everything and answer. I could do it all day. Today someone asked something like: How Does One Find Meaning and Fulfillment in Their Life? I was all over it, because I happen to have found meaning and fulfillment in my life.


Here’s what I said (and I’ll try to apply it to writing).


1. Understand that your life is extremely important. It’s the only one you get. Even the afterlife will only be a reflection of this one.


2. Love. Find what you love. What work do you love? Do it better than anyone else.


3. Find people you love for their character and keep them in your life. Avoid the rest. Make sure they love you for the best parts of you.


4. Do whatever you want that you are willing to pay the price for.


5. Have rock solid integrity.


For you, I’d like to flesh these out.


  1. I am a Christian. I believe I will live forever, but unlike many Christians (from what I can tell), I believe that a careful reading of Scripture would place much more value on this earth and my physical life. I believe the afterlife is an extension of this one to a degree. I believe that Jesus said the Kingdom of God is upon us, around us, and among (even in us). God created the world and put man, his image bearers, on the world to manage it. It’s right to see this life on earth as extremely important.


Jesus came to bring the Kingdom among us and to redeem the fallen planet. He has left His Church as citizens of the Kingdom of God, for now, on earth, and then later when he returns, on the new and completely restored earth. Therefore, what we build here is of eternal importance. For us writers, what we write is of eternal importance.


  1. Love. Do you love writing? That is a big clue that you are called to do it. Love is everything. It doesn’t just apply to people, but also things and activities. The very best way to discern your calling is to do something for love. If for a time you have to also do something else to pay the bills, so what? Make progress towards being a writer by writing!


  1. We are called to love our neighbor, our brother, and even our enemy. But I don’t believe that means we don’t discern character. And before you tell me that everyone is evil, I would say there is a big difference between weakness and willful evil. I won’t have people in my life who: are dishonest, don’t want good for me, don’t have goals and a purpose (calling—which is why I love you writers). Everyone else I will love from afar.


  1. As for doing whatever I want that I am willing to pay for—-this is my way of being intentional and intelligent about how I spend my time, money, energy, and passion. It requires focus. I see this as the essence of stewardship. By that I mean God put me here and said, “Do something for my glory to make the world a better place. But know whatever you choose will have a cost.” If you think about it, you know this is true. You can do or buy everything. You pay the price for choosing, but you have to choose. God gave us a “wanter” inside so we could find the clues to our dreams and desires. It’s a key starting place for understanding our calling from God. Is that how you feel about writing?


  1. Integrity. Our maker has integrity. It’s not a duty to have integrity, it is a necessity. Everything springs from integrity. Your self-esteem comes from your integrity. If you don’t have integrity, you will feel shame, fear, over-worried about what people think of you. You won’t be settled in your soul. What is worse, you will know yourself to be false. Having integrity is the fastest way to confidence.


If you have thoughts about any of these I’d love to hear them in the comments. Have a wonderful day and may you write a masterpiece today!

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