Today, Don’t let Anything Stop You From Writing

Today, Don’t let Anything Stop You From Writing

I hope you wrote today. If you didn’t, I hope it is because you didn’t want to. If you didn’t want to write, I hope it is because you were focused on your values today and there was truly something more important to do with your time. If so, God bless.

But if that is not what happened, let’s see if we can break down the breakdown and solve the problem in 5 steps.

Step 1: Have you written down what is important to you (your values)? If so, look at that list. If not, let that be the next thing you do. List your values in order of priority. Where is writing on that list? If it’s not there, you might be reading the wrong newsletter. 🙂

Step 2: What did you do today that is not on that list? Was it absolutely necessary? Was it important enough to skip all your values? Why is that activity not on your list? Should it be? Are you denying your love of something?

Step 3: If writing is high on your list, schedule today and tomorrow according to that hierarchy of values. If your list is God, family, health, and writing…followed by everything else, then your day will have some non-negotiables:

Priority 1: Time with God. How much time do you need in prayer and the Bible to act like Jesus today (love people courageously)?

Priority 2: Time with your family. Think about this; it is easy to take for granted. Set aside time for your marriage and kids every day.

Priority 3: Health. Be intentional about what you’ll eat and how you’ll move.

Priority 4: Writing. Set the timer and write when you feel the sharpest (for me, it’s early morning).

You might put “work” ahead of writing, but maybe not, unless you are truly passionate about your job (which is a blessing).

Let’s try this for a couple of days. If after that you still aren’t writing, ask yourself if you really want to write. If the answer is yes, keep trying. You likely have an overall focus problem, and I’ll bet your life will get better on several fronts if you’ll work on this. Baby steps. Actually, forget the baby steps. Go for a giant leap and see what happens!


The above section is really about truth, that is, it’s about accepting the truth about your priorities and schedule. Not evading is a super power. If you don’t know what else to write today, why not try writing all the things you are afraid may be true, but you’d rather not see?

”Why would I do that?”

I know it will be uncomfortable, but there is nothing that will impact your life (and writing) like getting in the light and staying there. This is why confession is such a key part of practicing faith. The quality of your confession is going to ultimately determine the quality of your life.

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