This Is Why We Write

This is Why We Write.


I have a course and coaching program for Christian authors who are writing books. The students in my current cohort are incredible people and I love the time we spend together each week. One of them, we’ll call him Jack, had an awesome thing happen last week. He got a letter in the mail from an inmate at a state prison with the words, “I did it!” written on the outside of the envelope. 


Jack was thrilled, because he had written a book about his salvation story where he shared the love of Jesus and how to be saved, and somehow a copy ended up in the prison library. At the back of the book Jack had written, “If you accept Christ after you read this, send me a letter and say, ‘I did it.’” 


Wow, wow, wow! Can you imagine? And ladies and gentlemen, That’s why we write


Somebody needs your message. Somebody is ordained to read it. Don’t let anything stop you from writing. I’m praying for you right now!

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