The Ghostwriter’s Ghostwriter

The Ghostwriter’s Ghostwriter

I like Ben Hardy’s books. I especially like the ones he wrote with Dan Sullivan, and I especially, especially like 10x is Easier Than 2x.

This book is incredibly well written, and the content is next-level ground breaking in positive psychology at least it was for me.

Hardy lays out the powerful concept that going 2x in your life is accomplished by working harder, doing what you’re doing now, only more of it. It is grinding.

10x, on the other hand, is a whole new way of thinking about your life. To get a 10x result, you cannot work 10x harder,; you must instead do something different.

One fun and scary way to do this, say Hardy and Sullivan, is to STOP DOING 80% OF WHAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY DOING.

What irritates you about your life? Stop doing it.

What is just okay? Get someone else to do it.

What 20% of your endeavors interests you most? Start doing more of that until your new 80% is your old 20%.

Do that this quarter.

Then do it again next quarter.

Repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat.

You have no idea how your life can change with that kind of courage. You can’t believe how much you will grow when you force yourself to think this way. I highly recommend the book.  Also, discipleship could work the very same way.

The Ghostwriter’s Ghostwriter

But that’s not why I’m bringing it up. What is interesting to me is that Benjamin Hardy is somewhat of a ghostwriter for Dan Sullivan. I’ve never seen such a relationship. Benjamin writes the books any way he wants based on Dan’s teachings to his clients at Strategic Coach. They’ve written three books that way. Hardy is not really a ghostwriter. He’s the main author using mostly Dan’s ideas.

I like that, and I hope to have that sort of partnership with a client one of these days.

But what truly fascinates me is that Benjamin Hardy hired a ghostwriter to write 10x. He says so right in the book. Why? Because Benjamin Hardy is trying to go 10x in his life.

It once was that writing books with Dan was his 20%. It was the thing that most fascinated him. Now, it has become the thing he still likes, but he has a new 20% passion, so writing the book with Dan moved into his “I like it fine” category, which is part of the 80%.

Hardy also wanted a better book this time (and it is better, though they are all great), so he outsourced it to a writer he felt was better than him.

The ghostwriter has a ghostwriter! I wonder if Hardy’s ghostwriter has a ghostwriter! I kind of hope so.

I have two points to this story.

One, I am always trying to normalize ghostwriting. Get a ghostwriter if you can afford one and credit them. Why in by not? It’s your message that matters. Why not put in the hands of someone who already knows how to write a book? You will still write plenty, but they will be your assistant for development and all types of editing (copy, line, etc.).

Two, I wanted you to know about 10x is Easier than 2x, because I think it is a powerful idea and I’m constantly trying to apply it to my own life.

What is in your 80% right now that is irritating or just okay? It may be necessary, but someone else can do it.

Now, dream. What 20% of your work could be brought to the surface and become your new 80%, your new priority?

I hope it’s your writing.

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