Tertius The Co-Writer

Tertius The Co-Writer

I’ve been listening to the Bible in the mornings on this
YouTube channel. It’s awful and cheesy. I love it. 


I love it because it holds my attention and I tend to remember everything and not lose focus, which is a problem with most audio bibles I’ve consumed. I also sort of hate the translation, The Contemporary English Version, but again, it’s different enough from what I’m used to (the ESV), to be interesting. 


Last week I was listening to Romans and was struck by something I’m sure I noticed at one time, but had totally forgotten in chapter 16. Verse 22 says, “I, Tertius, also send my greetings. I am a follower of the Lord, and I wrote this letter.”


I write a lot on www.ChristianGhostwriting.com about “normalizing ghostwriting.” I think it is ridiculous that people think someone who has never written a book before could suddenly write one well without help. Writing a book is difficult, and the last thing we need is someone failing to communicate the truth they’ve learned through desperate struggle or hard study because they are not a writer. 


We need partnerships between writers and truth-tellers so the world can grow in understanding, wisdom, and the maturity that comes from it. 


That’s why I love ghostwriting. In fact, I will not even take on new ghostwriting clients. I tell them I only co-write, which is the same thing except that somewhere there is an acknowledgement that “I, Jeff, also send my greetings. I am a follower of the Lord, and I wrote this (book).” And since I’ve started doing this, do you want to know how many authors have refused and insisted on a ghostwriter? Exactly zero. 


I don’t care how fine the print is, it just needs to be there somewhere, because I don’t have any clients that want to try to fool people. They don’t care about people thinking they are great writers. They care about their readers and the transformation they are offering them. 


They’ve learned things, nearly always through suffering, and they love people enough to share those lessons with action steps so their readers don’t have to slug through the same trials. I love these authors so much and am so grateful for my calling to help them accomplish their mission. 


So let’s normalize ghostwriting, cowriting, because some of you have important messages to share, and others of you have skill in writing, and you need to be partners! 


Obviously, if you need a partner, let me know. I’d be honored to partner with you to bring your message to life through being your Tertius, or if you want to write it yourself, your coach. 


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