Should a Christian Get Their Identity in Writing?

Should a Christian Get Their Identity in Writing?

In the Christian circles I run in, identity is a big topic. 


Your problem as a Christian is usually categorized as an identity issue (as well as a sin issue). Most pastors know that if the members of their churches could simply know who they are in Christ, they would live dramatically different lives. 


Who are we? We are the children of God. We are saints. We are called by God into fellowship with Him by the blood of Jesus. We are new creations. We are saved. 


Getting off track is losing sight of this wonderful fact. 


In those terms, if you were to identify as “a writer,” red flags would go off. 


I’m a writer,” to most Christians sounds like, “I have an idol and I desperately want to find my worth and value in being thought of as ‘a writer.’” 


When you put it that way… yeah, that sounds bad, like a way to keep you from the gospel and lead you to destruction. And that very well may be what is happening when you hear about a writer, though talented, falling apart in some way because they can never be successful enough (drugs, alcohol, suicide). 


But on the other hand, there is something about claiming a purpose. For me, to say “I am a writer” means…


I am an image bearer of God, created to subdue the earth and multiply all kinds of things in His name, for His glory, and for the good of the creation (Gen 1:28). 


This image-bearing responsibility comes with a burden, the burden of finding and fulfilling a primary creative purpose—a calling. Writing is at least part of my calling. I’m talking primarily about creative calling, which excludes my very important relational callings (husband, dad, friend, family member, colleague…). While I am a pastor and musician, in this season, my primary creative purpose is writer. 


So I will say, I am…a writer. My identity is Christ. Actually, my identity is “I”. I hope I don’t mean that in a prideful way, just a logical/practical way. I am not “you.” You are not “me.” I have been given stewardship of my life. 


Of my time.


Of my talent.


Of my experiences. 


Of my writing ability and business acumen.


I am…called to be a writer, IN CHRIST, my main identity — “It is no longer I who live, but Christ IN me…” (Gal 2:20). 


I identify as a writer, because I write. I need to wake up in the morning and think of myself as a writer, so that I will have the inspiration and energy to write. I must write to feed my family. I must write to create something of value to enhance the lives of others so much that they will both pay me (even if that payment is only in attention — thank you for reading this, btw), and that they just may become closer to God by reading the truth I attempt to put on paper (and screens), and hopefully by knowing me. 


Is at least part of your creative purpose (work purpose) to glorify God and enhance the human experience by writing? Then write today, because you’re a writer. 

P.S. I know some of you are not primarily writers. You may have written books and articles as a means to further whatever is your calling or ministry. I’m glad you are here too, and this can be applied to whatever to “do” as your own creative purpose. 

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