Our Christian Ghost Writing Services

Don't Leave That Message Burning in Your Heart

If you've been called to share, we can get you from concept to published.

Starting at $15,000

Written For You

You have a message...an idea to share. But you're not an author. Our professional book writing team can take your message and create a book that sounds like you.

Starting at $15,000

Written With You

You're a writer. But you don't want to write a book without help from the pros. Our book writing team helps you edit a book you love to share.

Starting at $400/session

Written by You

You want to do your own writing, but you need a professional sounding board. Our book writing team can mentor you through the process.

We need books written from your Christian perspective.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" - Hosea 4:6
Self Help
Personal Success
Christian Novels
Sermon to Book
Small Group Studies

You've Been Feeling Called

to share your story

Our professional book writing team can help you reach more people with your purpose.

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