Say What You Need to Say

I started writing for fun. People on were asking me to write stuff, so I did it as a hobby and a way to make some spare change. 


Then I got good enough at not only writing but understanding authors’ needs and in time, I was able to go pro as a ghostwriter. I still happen to be the pastor of a church but am blessed to make my main living as a writer. 


Now I could shift to only writing for myself, but I cherish the ghostwriting/co-writing relationship. Why? 


Because I’ve learned after helping hundreds of people publish books that God is generously giving messages to his people, and we all need help getting those messages out there. 


I dream of living in a world where no one holds back from speaking what they believe to be the truth—and that the rest of us are willing to listen, consider, push back honestly, and even change our minds when proven wrong. 


Can you think of a better way to improve the world we live in as we wait for the glorious return of Christ?  


Contact me if you have a message. We would be honored to help you write the best book you possibly can in one of three ways: 


  1. Ghostwriting


  1. Co-writing 


  1. Or Teaching you through our course and coaching program so that you can finish your book. 


Click below and let’s have a conversation. Or if you’d rather, sign up at my calendar link below, and let’s talk! I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story and your vision to change the world! 


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