My Monthly Attempt To Make Ghostwriting Normal

My Monthly Attempt To Make Ghostwriting Normal


When I became a ghostwriter I wasn’t focused on the fact that my clients wanted me to write a book and put their name on it. I was focused on the fact that I got to write for a living and when I considered I didn’t get credit, I only thought about it in terms of humility. It was good for me to work hard, produce something, and give away the credit. It seemed like a spiritual discipline and an antidote to my enormous pride. 


But over time, I decided I don’t really want to ghostwrite. I’d rather co-write because: 1) You don’t have to lie to people to say you wrote the book all by yourself, 2) I don’t have to help you lie to people, and 3) I get to/have to take responsibility for what I’m writing if you credit me. 


What I would love to see happen is that ghostwriting gets normalized. 


I don’t think it is shameful at all that you need a writing partner to get your God-given message out to the world. If you are not a professional writer, why on earth would you NOT need to hire one. Let’s normalize it. Let’s get all the books written that need to be written and don’t let a little thing like you not knowing what you’re doing stop you. 


Now when I make a contract I put it this way: You get the royalties, you get top billing, but you put my name somewhere in small print as your cowriter. Because, why not? 

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