How To Love Life As A Christian (Writer)

How To Love Life As A Christian (Writer)


I Love Life


I can’t help it. I love life. My (beautiful) wife tells me I was born with the theme song: “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life.” 


Saturday was my 50th birthday and I told someone that I hoped to live another 100 years. Then I felt guilty because most of the mature Christians I’ve known would never say something like that. 




Because we all know that “to die is gain” (Phil 1:19) and that this world is full of darkness. This is true. Adam and Eve gave the keys of the earth to the serpent when they let him convince them to rebel against God (Gen 3). 


That is why all the awful stuff is happening, and you don’t need me to list it. That is why the awful stuff happens even in my own heart. And you don’t want me to list those either. 


But still…


This world—God created it and called it good. Though it has been corrupted, no corruption has been able to eradicate the signs of the goodness and abundance of God. I can’t help but see it. Paul said we can see evidence of the Creator all over the creation (Ro 1:19), and he is right. 


Not only that, but Jesus came and died so that this good-but-fallen creation could be restored back to something like Eden. Actually, it’s better than that. It would appear that the whole reason the fall was allowed to happen is that somehow it was necessary in order for a restoration that would take us beyond what Eden was—the New Heavens, the New Earth, and the New Jerusalem (Rev 21).


So there truly is a bright side to life, and if you will train yourself to look for it, signs of the goodness and abundance of God are everywhere. Even when we grieve tragedy, we are able to find God and deep meaning in the loss. Feeling that our losses are tragic is a good sign we loved something or someone dearly, and that is a sign of the Kingdom of God already if I ever heard of one. 


How does this pertain to writing? I’m not sure, but it is what I wanted to say to you today, and I hope it’s okay. 


If I were to apply this to writing, I would say that you who write fiction, are also creating worlds. Make them “good” worlds which, even if they are corrupted, bear signs of their good creator—you. Your story will be amazing if your hero, flawed as she or he is, can by some godly sacrifice help to redeem some part of the world as a reflection of Christ our Redeemer. If you think about the great stories you love, that is the pattern. I believe we keep writing that pattern because we deeply understand it, being image-bearers of the ultimate Creator. 


And that is one thing I love about being a writer: I feel the awesome privilege of being a little creator of worlds, like my Father in Heaven. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving. If you are reading this, know that I am truly thankful for you. 


By the way, I published my book this week. It’s only 99 cents on Amazon, and if you bought and left an honest review (even if you hate it), I’d be grateful. It’s called From Heart to Page: A Short Book on Writing Your Christian Book. 

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