How I Capture Your Voice

I got to be a guest on a podcast today, and I was asked how I capture the voice of the person for whom I am ghostwriting. 


I don’t know about other ghostwriters, but here’s how I do it—and I’ve been told I’m good at it. 


  1. I am a recovering people pleaser. This means I am a master of getting into other people’s heads so I can figure out who they want me to be. I’m proud to say that finally by now, it’s not my default, but the skill remains. When I’m writing your book, I don’t even have to try to be you. I become you. I speak in your voice, I feel your pain, your joy, your struggles, your triumphs, and your heartbreaks. I feel it and I write it. 


  1. I was once a professional opera singer which included quite a lot of acting training, particularly for my masters degree in opera/musical theater. This just made me even more skilled at doing the above. 


  1. Finally, I love talking to my clients, and I love having recordings from them of the things they are wanting written. That way I can get your phrasing and your vocabulary. The rest is easy. 


Nothing pleases me more than to catch myself completely wrapped up in my clients’ stories and lessons. I love to get into flow and empathize. Your story and your God-given message is sacred to me, and I’m blessed to be able to write it and catch the spirit of how you would want it written. 


If you’re hiring a ghostwriter, make sure they are not only a good writer, but they know how to write as you. Look at their samples, but ask them to write a sample for you based on your voice. Give them a recording and see what they come up with, then give it to someone who knows you and ask them to tell you if they think it sounds like you. 


If you would like me to do that for you, simply click on the contact button and send me a message. It would be my honor to write you a sample, or even better, to talk to you and hear your story. 


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