Crowdfunding, Ghostwriting Truth, And More

Crowdfunding, Ghostwriting Truth, And More.


I had a cool thing happen with a co-writing client this year. We spoke months ago about his story and his desire to get a book written. I agreed it was a powerful story, but he said he didn’t have the funds for the project and that he might look into crowdfunding. I’d never had a client who tried that, so I thought, “interesting,” but I didn’t expect to hear from him again. Five or six months later, I got a text from him that said, “ready to go.” It had been so long, I wasn’t quite sure who he was. Once we got reacquainted, I remembered everything and learned that he had indeed been successful in getting his book financed. 


Crowdfunding Your Book


Whether you are seeking a writing partner like me, or you just want to give yourself an “author advance” so you can take a break from your day job and write your book, crowdfunding is not a bad idea. Here are three things to know about it:


  1. Choose the platform – Some platforms connect with certain people better than others. Know the kinds of people who are going to want to read your book. Kickstarter, Indigo, and Patreon are popular for writers. You can also try GoFundMe. 


  1. Pitch – Who are you, what is your book about, why should you be the one to write it, and what is your overall message? You get detailed in how you present your pitch–trailers, videos, testimonials. 


  1. Reward Structure – Backers need incentives. Do they get exclusives? Autographed copies? Acknowledgments in the book itself? 


Here’s a great article on the topic. Let me know if you have tried it or decide to in the future. 



I write a lot about telling and writing the truth, but loving the truth also means seeking the truth. I have learned much about seeking the truth from my work as a ghost/co-writer. When I write for and as someone else, I have to get into their shoes—actually—I have to get in their head, their whole being. I can’t just understand them; I have to be them. It reminds me very much of acting on stage as a character. I have to embody their beliefs in order to capture their voice and passion for their subject. 


I find many writers are unwilling to do that. Some would like to ghostwrite, but only for people they agree 100% with on every detail of secondary and tertiary doctrines or political views. Good luck. I have never, ever once had that experience. And this has taught me two things: 


1) There is more diversity in the Bible-believing, gospel-loving Body of Christ, and…


2) It’s a darn good way to seriously consider someone’s viewpoint.


If you are seeking the truth, and you should be, then give this one a try. You don’t have to be a ghostwriter to do it. Just pretend you are the person you disagree with and make their case in their voice and personality. See what happens.


Don’t be afraid; you will either prove to yourself that they are wrong and you are right, or you will learn the truth you didn’t know before. Sure, it may wreck your life, but ultimately, that’s a good thing! 




Writing is creating. Creating is human. “Let us make man in our image…let him create” (my paraphrase of Genesis 1:28).


The Creator made you to create. It’s create or die…

Writing Motivation 


“Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.” —- Ray Bradbury 


What I’m Reading About Writing 


Always and over and over, I read A.J. Harper’s Write a Must Read: Craft a Book that Changes Lives, Including Your Own.

What I’m Reading About Everything Else  


My forehead is red from slapping it continuously as I read the incredible book by Edwin H. Friedman, A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix. This book is utterly life-changing if you have the guts to read it AND apply it. 

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