Could Your Core Message Transform a Life?

Could Your Core Message Transform a Life?

If someone believed your core message statement, would it change their life?

If not, in my humble opinion, you don’t have a core message.

Maybe you have a vague idea.

Maybe you have a great life story.

Surely God has called you to tell others what you’ve learned.

But you have to boil it down to one statement that is transformational on its own.

Here’s how.

  1. Consider your content and the lessons you’ve learned. Brainstorm by writing it all down.
  1. Get clear on who your audience is (likely an early version of yourself).
  1. Keep one specific person in mind as the reader. What is their problem and how do you solve it?
  1. Try crafting a short, clear, and compelling statement that encapsulates your content, making sure it could change anyone’s life who believed it.
  1. Consider Your Content

Most of my clients and students want to write because they have been through something and learned a hard lesson. They feel compelled by God to share that lesson with others in a book.

For instance, let’s say a man had a hard marriage and it nearly ended in divorce, but God showed him a few powerful truths that not only saved his marriage, but made it the best part about his life.

Considering his content is easy. He writes down the lessons and the stories to back them up.

  1. Get Clear on the Audience

His audience may be other married people, or more specifically, it may be other married men.

He will try to think of ways to broaden the audience so he can get the book into more hands, but that would probably be a mistake.

If you narrow the target, you will likely find not only your target, but a bunch of people in the periphery. With too wide a target you may hit nothing. He decides his target is husbands in struggling marriages.

  1. One Specific Person

Now, he can imagine his friend from church, Jake, and write his book to Jake. It’ll be a powerful way to stay personal and authentic.

  1. Compelling Statement (Core Message)

Here’s the hardest part. He needs to write a statement that is TRANSFORMATIONAL. The statement alone is powerful enough to change a life.

He will be tempted to say something like, “This is a book about what the Bible says about marriage and it will save your marriage.”

That’s not a core message.

He might say, “My marriage was hard, but I learned how to make it work.”

That’s not a core message. Like the first one, it wouldn’t change anyone.

Here’s a core message:

“Marriage can be incredibly difficult, but if you will root your identity in Christ, be intentional and consistent about loving your wife in tangible ways, God will bless your marriage and it will be the best part of your life.

This one is a little long. How might you make it more concise but still transformational? Feel free to write it in the comments.

Better yet, write your own transformational core statement in the comments.


Here’s a good quote I read this week about truth:

“Truth is hard to assimilate in any mind when opposed by interest.”  —- Samuel Johnson

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