AI Will Not Replace Human Writers, Here’s Why.

AI Will Not Replace Human Writers, Here’s Why.


Thinking about how ChatGPT is taking over and wondering if it would be able to replace human writers. I needed to know, so I asked ChatGPT!


It said: 

Certainly! Here are three reasons why ChatGPT won’t be able to replace human writers entirely:

  1. Creativity and Originality: While ChatGPT is capable of generating text based on the patterns it has learned from vast amounts of data, it lacks true creativity and originality. Human writers bring unique perspectives, experiences, and emotions to their work, allowing them to produce content that is innovative and deeply engaging in ways that AI cannot replicate.
  2. Emotional Depth and Empathy: Human writers have the ability to infuse their writing with genuine emotions and empathy, creating connections with readers on a deeper level. Whether it’s through storytelling, personal anecdotes, or heartfelt messages, human writers can evoke complex emotions and resonate with readers in ways that AI-generated content often cannot match.
  3. Contextual Understanding and Adaptability: While ChatGPT can generate coherent text based on the input it receives, it lacks the nuanced understanding of context and adaptability that human writers possess. Human writers can tailor their writing style, tone, and content to suit specific audiences, occasions, or cultural nuances, ensuring that their message is effectively communicated and well-received in diverse settings.

In summary, while AI like ChatGPT can assist and enhance the writing process, human writers bring irreplaceable qualities such as creativity, emotional depth, and contextual understanding that contribute to the richness and authenticity of written content.


Obviously, this is a joke, but it’s true that I don’t believe AI will be able to replace human writers entirely. 


The main reason is that people want to know people. I’ll bet if it were possible to measure, we’d find that 98% of what we do has to do with our deep desires to know and be known by others. 


We want to connect, and even though there are probably people who will try to develop relationships with AI, most of us don’t want to. 

We want flesh, we want blood, the smell and feel, even the taste of a human, even a human behind the book we’re reading. If you think about it, nothing makes sense apart from humanity and the life force that moves it. 


AI is interesting only because it can mimic humanity. But if it can’t be human, we’ll always want more. We’ll take the flaws over the perfect as long as we can have the real thing.


Would you rather hear a record, or a living, breathing, sweating band? Did young women scream, cry, and pass out because someone played a Beetles record? Or was it because they thought maybe Paul Mcartny made eye contact with them on the fourth row of Madison Square Garden? AI is not embodied. We’ll always prefer embodied.  


Now that I think of it, it’s why pornography is so tragic. (Did you think we were going there at the beginning of this? I sure didn’t! Would AI have gone there? I don’t think so!)


Some prefer porn because it’s easy. But what’s great about a real romantic relationship is all the difficulty that turns into beauty at the end of a struggle to be liked, loved, admired, and wanted by someone you like, love, admire, and want. It’s thrilling and should not be traded for a fake. 


Also, now that I think of it, it’s why Christ came in a body–the Word became flesh and dwelt among us–and why He has embodied His Church. We connect to Him spiritually, but largely through His people: our brother, sister, neighbor, and even the “enemies” we are called to love and bless. 


I’ll stop there. If you are still reading and you understand why this all pertains to the question of “will AI replace human writers?” then you are as crazy as I am, and I have found my people! 


And the answer is NO! AI has no chance against flesh and blood feverishly pounding the keyboard or smudging ink all over a formerly pristine sheet of paper. 


God bless you, and write something today. 

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