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Jeff Miller is a pastor and writer from the Midwestern United States and the owner of ChristianGhostwriting.com LLC. Jeff and his team have ghostwritten dozens of novels,  nonfiction works, and hundreds of articles. With twenty years of experience in ministry, Jeff brings a combination of theological depth, pastoral understanding, and a love for words, communication, and storytelling to every writing project. He and his team will help you clarify your message and find the most compelling way to tell it.

Jeff enjoys 100% five star ratings on freelance platforms where he has completed several hundred projects for happy repeat buyers.

Why ghostwriting?

"Because it allows me to collaborate with endlessly fascinating people on endlessly fascinating projects. I love to write, and I'm thrilled to get to do it for part of my living. I couldn't care less who gets the credit, and it is an absolute joy for me to help people spread the message they are called to spread."

Jeff’s personal musings can be found at his blogs: formyownsake.com.


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